If you could review anything…..

Since I started checking out review blogs and talking to my friends about the interesting things I’ve seen on various review sites, people have asked me: what would you review if you could review anything?

What a fun question!

what is kobo I’m heavily into tech but, alas, I’m lacking some of the cool and hip tech equipment that some of my friends have! I would be beyond thrilled if I had the chance to review an iPad, and iPod Touch (yes, it is quite sad but I don’t even have an iPod Touch), an e-Reader (because they look pretty amazing – I’d love to see one in action) and a Flip Mino would round out my list! That being said, if someone offered me another type of digital camera, camcorder or fun digital device, I wouldn’t say no!

I’d also like to review a vacuum cleaner! I have seen some great reviews on various sites and maybe, just maybe, if I’m lucky then one day I’ll get a chance to review one as well!

I also love clothing of all types and cool new food products to test out on my guinea pigs family!

That are some of the items I’d love to review! I’m hoping one day I can look back and say, “Wow – I did that!”

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