Git-er done!

I tend to be one of those people who chooses a goal, puts her head down and makes it happen! I’m not saying I’ve accomplished everything in my life that I’ve wanted to do, but I try my best to succeed! I’m on holidays right now and, given that I had a little extra time, as we’ve decided to stay home this year, I would get my blog up and going! So my big focus has been to Git-er done (as Larry the Cable Guy would say!)

Basic webpage setup? Check
Email account? Check
Facebook page? Check
Twitter account? Check
AND….signature? CHECK (I’m so proud of this!) –>It is a work in progress but I did this design myself tonight so I plan to develop it further!

I’ve got a lot more to do though! I need to do some design work, which is new to me. I need to add some great blogs that I follow already. I really want to get this all done BUT I have to tell myself that I won’t get it done in a day – good things take time!


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