What should you know about me?

I’m excited to see what I’ve already had a few people stop by to check out my site and I’m hoping it only continues! Feel free to leave comments as well – I’d love to hear what you have to say! I also thought it made sense to tell you a little more about me and truly what “is me”! And now I’m going to say “is a blogger” is a new way to define me though I still have the same world view!

world, globe, world globe, the globe

You might notice I have no names on this blog (and no photos yet…though those are coming!). While I am quite outgoing and the “go to” gal outside of the blogosphere – which is why I wanted to start a review blog – my family has also made it clear that they want their privacy to stay intact!

I’ve actually seen review blogs that have people’s names in the titles, only to learn in the fine print they say, “This isn’t really my name”. That is their prerogative and I can think of a number of reasons they have decided to do things that way. In my case, however, rather than making up a name, I’m just going to be upfront and honest and state that I’m not posting my name here. It doesn’t affect my opinions at all and it allows my family the privacy I know they appreciate!

I also know there are tonnes of people out there with review and giveaway blogs and the question does arise – what makes me the best choice as someone to follow?

I am a strong writer (I have spent years writing both at school and at work and I think this makes my writing more precise)

I have excellent “people skills”which assist me in reviewing a variety of items because I know what many people want!

I am passionate about things that are important to me. My passion comes through in my reviews and allows me to look at things from a variety of perspectives – handy skills in reviewing things!

I am honest and straight-forward. I am going to tell you what I really think. I believe that honesty is the best policy so I’m not going to tell you something unless I believe it is true!

If you have any questions, let me know! Leave me a comment here or email me at: mylitttlereviewcorner@gmail.com

I’m still working on my website but I am loving what I’m doing already so (see my point on being passionate) I will continue to develop the site to make it better for you! AND, once I get things going, I’m hoping to bring you more reviews and some giveaways too!

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