Fun (and savings) at the grocery store!

You may notice that I tagged this post as “Family Fun”, though really the fun was all mine and definitely not fun for my family! That being said, I still think there fun at the grocery store!

I must admit I’m a careful shopper – I buy what we need, I keep my eye out for a bargain and I absolutely love using coupons! My husband, on the other hand, is not really a fan of coupons. He understands their value but he always says that he doesn’t think their value outweighs the annoyance of having to use them. Today I think I proved him wrong!

Yesterday I received a $10 gift card as well as some great free product coupons from Stouffers Rewards(if you are in Canada and you haven’t checked out this promotion, it is pretty cool). When I put them with my other coupons, I realized I had a number of free product coupons that I’d received from coupon sites (my favourite being and from a few surveys that I had completed.

We needed to go grocery shopping, so I explained I was going to use these coupons to augment our shopping and showed my husband the gift card as well. He agreed with one stipulation – I had to promise to go to a separate checkout with all the free products!

Once we finished our shopping, I went into my line and he headed into another line. At first, the cashier didn’t seem pleased that I had all of these free product coupons, though I explained that each one was for one of the products in my basket and gave them to her before she started. After checking out all of the items, though, she actually asked me where I had gotten all of them from and said she was amazed at how well I was able to do!

So, at the end of my checkout experience I read my bill that said the following at the bottom (I wish I had taken a picture of it to put up here as I can barely believe it myself).

Amount saved : $77.02
Percentage of savings: 99%

The items I got cost me a grand total of .27!

When my husband met me outside the store, he told me that his bill had been $19.99 but, with the gift card, it had only cost him $9.99!

For just over $10 we received almost $100 worth of groceries – all things that we will use and, in many cases, are things that we would have bought anyway!

Though I can’t say it happens all of the time, I was pretty darn pleased with myself and my ability to shop for my family today!


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17 Responses to Fun (and savings) at the grocery store!

  1. Bridgette says:

    Whoa! You are an amazing shopper!

  2. Lynsey Jones says:

    This is SO cool. I have said I wanted to get into couponing for so long, but I just do not know where to begin. The only coupons I see are for stuff we dont eat, so I wonder if I am cut out for it. So inspiring to see a $.27 bill though, LOL I might learn to like new things! HA!

  3. 1stopmom says:

    You did a great job!! I forgot all about their reward program. I am going to sign up for it while it is on my mind. I love using coupons.

  4. What a great shopper u are Great deals

  5. Eve says:

    wow- that is amazing!! I do some couponing but not nearly enough!!

  6. Paula says:

    I love that thrill when you see the bottom of the receipt and all your savings. I’ve got to get back into it!! I made out my lists this weekend, clipped my coupons and then didn’t go.

  7. Henrietta says:

    I love seeing savings like tht, it doesn’t happen to me very often since I am not good at coupon-ing but when it does I can’t believe it! You did a great job!

  8. HOLLY COW! Best deal EVER! I pride myself in my coupon shopping, but that receipt takes the cake!

  9. Shannon says:

    Wow wanna teach me? Awesome!

  10. OMG. Seriously? It seems that no matter how hard I try with coupons, the most I can save is just a couple of bucks every trip. I wonder what I’m doing wrong, or if my area just stinks when it comes to prices and deals?

  11. Staci A says:

    That’s wonderful! I had to giggle that he wanted you to go to a separate line with the coupons-my hubby does the same thing! But he’s always happy to see how much I can save us.

  12. Dee says:

    Wow!! Way to go!

  13. That is so neat. I am going to start doing this too. There is SO much to be saved!!! Great post and I am excited for you!!!

  14. WOW!! What an amazing savings!!

  15. kim velkovski says:

    Great savings. I always forget to bring my coupons. I need to start tucking them all away in my purse for when I do go shopping.

  16. Jennifer C. says:

    THANX for the Stouffers tip…I’m now signed up and ready to go…I’ve just started using coupons and don’t know why I never did before…the savings have been phenomenal~!!

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