The Closer – How Could I Miss It?

I’d never seen the tv show, The Closer, until this summer. Viva (a Canadian channel) began showing this series from the first episode. I found out that they show has been running for more than 5 seasons on TNT and they even have a cool website. I’ve been watching it faithfully and I’ve become a HUGE fan of the show!

Am I the only person who has never watched this program? I’m starting to think so, because when I mention it to my friends they all laugh and tell me they’ve been fans for a long time!

I’m not sure why this program appeals to me so much. I’ve always enjoyed police dramas but this series just has so much more! I think part of it is that Brenda (the main character) is such a strong woman but she also battles with all types of everyday issues, including food (if you like Southern recipes, I found some amazing ones connected to the show here). Brenda is also surrounded by some interesting and quirky characters that make up her unit.

the closer, the closer cast, closer cast, closer tv
And the actress, Kyra Sedgwick, is fantastic!

If you haven’t watched The Closer, I think it’s worth checking it out! You can also go back to their site and watch full episodes, which I plan to do if the episodes end on Viva.

Happy tv viewing!


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2 Responses to The Closer – How Could I Miss It?

  1. Alison says:

    It’s an awesome show!! I don’t catch it on tv as much as I would like.

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