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When I saw the tag line of the Good Cheer Company website – “UNIQUE GIFTS THAT REMIND YOU WHO YOU REALLY ARE!” – I was automatically interested in learning more about this company and their products. I have worked with children and youth for more than a decade and I truly believe in the power that positive thoughts and ideas can having in shaping young lives. I have also realized that this same type of thinking can also make all people happier and age doesn’t matter!

There are many items on the site that I was drawn to because of their positive nature. I think the “Cheers to You” CD (which you can get as a CD, on MP3 or through iTunes) is incredibly cool! I also thought it was neat when I read that it has been featured, twice, on the Ellen Degeneres Show!

cheering you on

While I love this CD, my favourite item on the site is the Pieces of the Puzzle Affirmation Jewelry. These jigsaw puzzle-shaped charms are made of pewter. On one side they say “I Am” and, on the other side, they can have any one of forty different words or phrases. I like that you can buy the charms on their own, or you can buy them on a ring, as a bracelet, as a ring or on a number of different types of chains.

pieces of the puzzle, good cheer

For my review, I received a Affirmation charm on a ball chain necklace.
The words “I Am” were on one side with the word “Possibilities” written on the other side. As soon as I opened to package, it simply made me smile because I loved the shape of the charm and the style of writing (which is cut deep so I know it won’t wear off over time). I also liked that the chain is 30 inches long because I prefer my necklaces to be longer and I appreciated that it would be easy to cut it down if I decided that I wanted a shorter chain.

I was impressed by the quality of this necklace, particularly given that it only costs $15.00 for the charm and the chain together! I think it is amazing value for a piece of jewelry of this quality, especially given the positive ideas that it conveys!

Every time I’ve worn this necklace, I’ve received numerous compliments about it and questions about where it came from. Even more than the compliments, I appreciate how this necklace makes me feel. Looking at it reminds me of how much better life is when I think positively!


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  1. Veronica Garrett says:

    I would choose I am Compassion.

  2. Amber Young says:

    I follow on twitter @aly3360

    entry #2


  3. Gianna says:


  4. Jane Hoh says:

    I really like the I am loved token. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  5. Sand says:

    I would choose Important.

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