WOW Wednesday!

I am calling today “WOW Wednesday” because I’m hoping I will wow myself into getting more energy!

I am finding that I am really tired! It has been so busy this past couple of weeks – between the garage sale, the groundwork I’ve been doing to simplify my life (sadly enough, it does take work to make your life more simple!), birthday parties and all of the “back to school” things that need to be done, I am exhausted!

I must admit that I’ve been so busy that I’ve been avoiding the gym. I’m learning, however, that I really have MORE energy when I go the gym. Even though I’m tired when I get home, overall it does give me more stamina and helps me to sleep better.

So today I plan to take it easy for a bit once I get home from work. We aren’t going to race around and we are just going to have a relaxing evening! It will be a nice change!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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