Charm Factory Bracelets – Review

Over the past few monthes, I had noticed a number of beautiful items available at Charm Factory. I was particularly drawn to their charm bracelets because I’ve developed a real fondness for bracelets and I have always loved sterling silver jewelry! For those reasons, I was interested in reviewing a bracelet from Charm Factory to see if their bracelets was as pretty “in person” as they appeared on their website and how durable they would be, given my hectic lifestyle!

Although there are many bracelets that caught my eye, I chose to review an Awareness Bracelet from Charm Factory. I liked the style of the bracelet and also the message conveyed by it. Described on the site as “delicate but durable inspirational sterling silver Awareness Bracelets are a wonderful way to encourage and remind your loved ones and friends to continually keep faith, hope and belief alive”, it touched my heart when I saw it.

I have had a number of family members who have battled cancer in their lives. While many of them have beaten the disease, I also have some people who remain close to my heart who died as a result of the disease. I felt that the Awareness Bracelet would not only make others aware of the disease, but would also be a way to honour the memory of the people I have lost every time I wore it.

When the bracelet arrived, my first response was to put it on my wrist because it was so pretty! I was really impressed by the fact that words on the charms were beautifully engraved and easy to read. The quality of the silver was obvious as the bracelet is incredibly shiny and I love the fact that it matches so many other pieces in my jewelry wardrobe!

I’ve also found the bracelet to be really durable. I’ve worn it to work (where I’ve often moving and lifting things) as well as out and about in my daily life (where, I hate to admit, I can be a real klutz). My bracelet has been banged into things, caught in my jacket sleeve and touched by many small fingers and it looks as good as the day I received it! That is the most impressive thing to me because it is pretty and practical!

I’ve also found that I like this bracelet because it does keep my family members who have passed away from cancer in the forefront of my mind. For that reason, I’ve found myself wearing it almost every day!


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