Petcakes – amazing new toy! Review

When I first saw pictures of the Petcakes, made by the Well Made Toy Mgr. Company, I thought they were absolutely adorable! I thought my girls would love them, but I had no idea how popular they would be with all the members of my family!

The Petcakes series of plush toys combine a pet (wearing a frosting “hat”) seated inside a “wrapper” bed. When you first see the Petcakes, you can spot them peeking out between the wrapper and the frosting. When I first laid eyes on them I broke out into a huge grin and actually giggled because I thought they were so cute!

Before I shared the Petcakes with my girls, I showed them to my parents. My mom and dad thought they were cute as well! My mom actually suggested that two of the Petcakes stay at their house so that the girls could play with them when they came to visit. I thought it was a truly selfless idea on my mother’s part until she announced that she wanted Coco-Coconut (described as “a fluffy poodle with a loving side that is as sweet as a frosted cupcake”) to be one of the Petcakes that stayed at her house because it was “so soft and cute!” The next thing I knew, my father (who generally isn’t interested in stuffed toys!) stated that he thought they should also keep Twinkle Sprinkles (described as a “playful, loving, and mischievous Beagle, whose colorful pink sprinkled frosting top looks good enough to eat! Twinkle Sprinkles likes to yelp when happy and sleep in her cupcake wrapper where her nose stays nice and toasty.”) for the girls to play with at their house. I was amazed at how much my parents (who are in their 60s) were entertained by the Petcakes as well!

When the girls saw the Petcakes they got more excited than I ever imagined! My littest girl, immediately laid claim to Blueberry Buddy (described by the company as “a Shar Pei who acts tough for his size but is a loving push over who’s as sweet as the blueberry frosting on his head. When sleepy, Blueberry Buddy cozies up in his own cupcake wrapper”) while her six-year-old sister pounced on Randy Candy (described as”a lovable mutt, scampering around playfully and taking long naps in his cupcake wrapper. Randy Candy is topped with tasty frosting and a cherry.”). The girls played with them and then wanted to look at the website. It was hilarious to watch the girls click on the photos of the pets on the screen and compare them to the ones that they had, announcing things like, “See – Randy Candy is here AND there!” and “Blueberry!” over and over). They had me bookmark the site as well because they want to play with the Petcakes Interactive World when it is launched and even wanted to watch the Petcakes YouTube video and squealing when they saw their Petcakes come up on the screen!

I truly couldn’t have anticipated how much of a hit the Petcakes have been with my family members of ALL ages! I think they appeal to my parents because they are pet lovers and my girl love them because they are fun to play with as well as being cute! The girls are excited to have Petcakes at home and even more to play with a Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

If you are interested in buying any of the Petcakes, they are available in the US at ToysRUs online and they are available at select specialty stores in Canada.

* It should also be noted that Petcakes are recommended for children ages 3 and up.*

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