Solarcaine and Coppertone Review

We are an active family! While I love the fact that we are so active, it also means that we get a lot of cuts and scrapes at the same time! As a result, when I was sent a can of Solarcaine First Aid spray to try, it was a welcome addition to our household! I find that I am using it all of the time! Just in the last couple of days, for example, I used the Solarcaine when I knicked my knee shaving and again when I cut my fingers on a pair of scissors today! I appreciate the fact that the Solarcaine does not sting when you apply it (as I am a bit of a wimp and I don’t like that stinging feeling I’ve gotten when I used other products) and I appreciate the fact that it works to keep the cuts from infection. I truly appreciate this product and plan to keep using it!

I also received some Coppertone products. Unfortunately, as is the nature of Canadian weather, the temperature dropped and the sun went away not long after I received the products! Luckily, with a long shelf-life, we will be trying these products out in the spring to share with our readers! (add pictures!)


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2 Responses to Solarcaine and Coppertone Review

  1. Stefani says:

    I need to buy some of that for my kids! Having children makes for lots of boo boos.

  2. These are always good things to have on hand! I stock up on sunscreen any chance I get. Never heard of that first aid spray before, but it certainly sounds handy!

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