THIS BOX ROCKS! (The Ultimate Student Care Package)

This fall marks an amazing landmark for one of my girls. She moved to another city and started university. Like many students, she was excited and nervous about these huge changes in her life. And, I must admit, I was excited for her but nervous at the same time. I can still remember what it was like when I went off to university (even though it was many years ago now!) and I remember all the things I’d never considered living on my own and, despite the excitement of a new life on my own, how lonely it could sometimes be!

For that reason, when I saw the amazing care packages available at This Box Rocks!, I was thrilled at the opportunity to give my girl one of these boxes! Owned and operated by Valerie McKenzie-Flynn, these care packages are like no others that I’ve ever seen!

One of the things that I loved about these boxes was that Valerie chose the contents of these boxes by talking to the very people would receive them! According to her website, “In order to create the ultimate gift for university & college students, Val surveyed more then 200 undergraduate students throughout Southern Ontario and Canada to determine what they want in a care package. She then sourced high quality products that met those preferences. The result? Care packages that contain items that are useful, high quality, healthy & eco-friendly – the type of care package she could see herself sending her own kids.”

I loved this idea! Most of the care packages designed for students that I have seen in the past have all been filled with sweets and toys – which are fun but not particularly healthy or practical. In contrast, the packages designed by This Box Rocks! contain tasty (and healthier) treats as well as some fun items that are also practical!

It was tough to decide which box to share with my girl to review. I loved both the “Keep Warm” box and the “Girl Care Package” box because I thought they both had so many cool items in them! In the end, I decided that my gal would love the “Girl Care Package” box because she loves chips and socks and enjoys going to the movies!

When the box arrived, I must admit that I had to take a peek at it (as she wasn’t coming back for another week) and I loved it! I thought the banker’s box with the logo on it was a great idea because it was sturdy and a handy way to package everything and I thought it would really appeal to any student.

When she came home and I shared the box with her, she absolutely LOVED it! The funny part was that she loved the Kettle chips, the socks (though she’d never had wool socks before) and the movie ticket, her favourite parts of the box were things that even surprised me! She told me that she loved the Kiss My Face Grassy Mint soap (I loved the smell of it!) because it was a multi-purpose item and could be used for cleaning as well as a body wash and shampoo! She was also really impressed with all of the cool samples from Kiss My Face and their A&E Moisturizer because she said they’d be perfect to use when showering after swimming or when traveling back and forth from school to home! She also really liked the Buncha Farmers Stain Removing Laundry Stick (because she hadn’t thought about bringing a stain remover with her when she moved) and the Power Whistle With Led Light, Compass & Keychain (because she sometimes has to travel around campus at night and the LED light would help her when trying to open her door at home when she returned from night classes). Her favourite item, which surprised me the most, was the Emergen-C — she liked the flavours and she liked the fact that it had vitamins and nutrients to help her stay healthy during exams.

I think the boxes designed by Valerie are simply amazing and the response it received by my girl exceeded even my expectations! It is obvious that the boxes are made with care by Valerie and contain quality, useful products for post-secondary students!
One of the coolest things about these boxes are that you can also Design Your Own Care Package! Valerie provides you with a number of options that you can pick and choose to customize a box that is perfect for your child!

I honestly can’t say enough good things about This Box Rocks!. With exams coming up, I think it would make the perfect gift for the studying student! These boxes can be shipped across Canada, so no matter where your child is studying, you can send them a care package from This Box Rocks!

If you are interested in learning more about these products or want to order one (you won’t be disappointed!), you can check out This Box Rocks! at their website, on Twitter at @THISBOXROCKS and on Facebook.


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8 Responses to THIS BOX ROCKS! (The Ultimate Student Care Package)

  1. Lynsey Jones says:

    Wow, what a NEAT idea! I wish I had had something like this when *I* went to College 12 years ago! LOL Too neat!

  2. pohto9 says:

    Those sounds awesome. I know quite a few people that would love to get some of those boxes for the holidays. My nieces and nephews are all in college, so I will have to check these out!

  3. Heather says:

    I loved getting care packages when I was away at school – how fun!

  4. Kimberly says:

    This is an awesome thing to do. I should start doing this in the US. Actually my daughter goes to A&M and they have two different organizations that do this for their students. I sent my daughter a subscription service that gave her a back to school, a mid year, and she’ll get a finals one next week.

  5. Nichol says:

    What a great thing! Care packages in anyway are awesome.

  6. deb says:

    That is a wonderful idea!!! Love it.

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