Ecoland – Great Gift Ideas!

When I ran across Ecoland’s website, I was immediately drawn to them for two reasons: I liked the look of their clothing and I loved their company’s philosophy! As a environmentally-aware business, I learned that Ecoland does a number of things to make their business more environmentally friendly. According to their website, all of their employees “live within 2 miles of the office, which reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions”, “fresh-made, organic lunches are provided free everyday to our employees” and “Business travel is reduced to a minimum because we utilize online communications systems to correspond with our business partners instead.” I was really impressed by the fact that this family-based company has taken numerous steps to make their company environmentally and socially responsible beyond the straight production of their products!

Their products also reflect their environmental passion! According to their site, Ecoland uses “only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton” and their clothing is tagless. They also adher to the “Slow Fashion” initiative (which I must admit, was new to me!), which is a movement that “emphasizes classic colors and styles that never go out of fashion. Ecoland apparel is multifunctional and can be worn as underwear, sleepwear, or as layers. People don’t need to buy as many pieces of clothing, so less waste ends up in landfills.” The more I read about the company, and its products, the more interested I was in learning more about the garments that they produce!

I received a Women’s Pamper Yourself Gift Set. The set contained a long-sleeve top, bottoms as well as moisturizing socks and gloves. When I opened the box, I thought the packaging was beautiful in a very organic way! The set arrived in a cardboard box with a satin ribbon and was surrounded by beautiful paper and a gift tag. I felt pampered before I even tried out the set because it was so beautifully presented!

When I hear the phrase “organic cotton” I never know what the texture of it will be. In the case of the top and bottoms, it translated into “super soft”! It almost had a silky feel to it and it felt so good against my skin! While I primarily wear the top and bottom as pajamas, I actually plan to wear them in the wintertime as a layer under my clothes because I think the neutral colour will work with many outfits and it will allow me to keep warm and toasty (Canadian winters can be cold!). I was also impressed with the gloves and socks. My hands and feet get really dry, especially at this time of year, and I found these moisturizing items actually made my hands and feet less chapped so it was awesome!

I am really impressed with the Women’s Pamper Yourself Gift Set from Ecoland. My mom, who suffers from eczema, was really impressed with these products as well because she needs soft cotton products to wear so I think Ecoland has a new customer!

If you are looking for a gift item for the woman in your life, I’d highly recommend looking at Ecoland for your holiday shopping needs!


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