Barbie: A Rare Beauty Review

It is funny how Barbie is such an icon that she has found her way into my life in a variety of ways over the years! Like most little girls, I grew up playing with Barbies and I loved making up stories about her and her adventures. I actually made my own Barbie clothes as little girl and my friends and I used to give our Barbies pierced ears with straight pins and beads!

While it has been a number of years since I had my own Barbies, a recent Christmas list that I received from my six-year-old girl has reminded me how much Barbie is still loved by little girls today (the “list” was collage-style and 95% of the pictures were of various Barbie dolls and accessories!). And Barbie is still loved by girls of all ages! My best friend is actually a Barbie collector so I know, first hand, that Barbies are popular with all ages!

I thought that Barbie: A Rare Beauty would be a great book because I thought it would be interesting for me, my little girl and my best friend too! Guess what? I was absolutely correct on all counts!

While I am not an avid collector, or a little girl, I really loved Barbie: A Rare Beauty. I enjoyed the fact that it took me down memory lane – I saw many Barbies that I remembered owning (or, in some cases, dreaming about when I was a kid). I also enjoyed it because I saw Barbies that I had never seen before, including a number of Barbies from other countries. I thought that the most interesting photos were the ones of the orginal Ken doll – he really has changed his looks over the years!

My little girl loved the book as well! When I told her the Barbie: A Rare Beauty book had arrived, she wanted to look at it right away! We sat together and went through ever page in the book and she pointed out the Barbies that she loved (it turns out she REALLY loved the Barbies wearing the Bob Mackie collection outfits!) and asking me if I had owned some of the older Barbies. She also giggled at some of the hairstyles and outfits, but mostly all I heard was, “I like THAT one…and THAT one…and THAT one too!” and she had a huge grin on her face the whole time!

I can’t wait to show this book to my friend who is a Barbie collector! I’ve already told her about it and I think she is going to enjoy it on a different level than we have. That is what I like most about Barbie: A Rare Beauty – this book appeals to many different people who all share one common thing – a love of Barbie, her family and her friends!

Want to have a look for yourself? You can Look Inside the book as well!

I think this would be an awesome Christmas gift for any little girl who loves her Barbies or for anyone you know who collects Barbies or enjoys Barbie nostalgia! You can order the book from Amazon or from Sandi’s store, Doll Attic.


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