We’re Talking About a Resolution (and a look back)!

It is that time of year again – a time when many people look at the things in their life that they wish to change and start taking the steps to make it happen!

Like many people, I’ve been looking back on the past year and examining what I’ve enjoyed as well as the things that I want to change.

This year marked a number of changes for me – most of them were positive but some of them could use some “tweaking”, hence the need for change.

Great Changes
One of the positive changes I made this year was getting a new job. My new job has meant that I have more time for my family and it has given me time to connect with my friends as well – something that I missed because my previous job had consumed so much of my time and my thoughts!

This blog was another new change for me this year that I haven’t regretted! I love being able to connect with readers and share with them the interesting things that I learn about products and companies. I’ve also had the chance to connect with some great bloggers (I’m looking forward to an amazing Valentine’s Day event with Sam from Kidsumers)! When I began, I had no idea that in less than 6 monthes I would see almost 15,000 pageviews, more than 6500 visitors in December as well as more than 1100 followers through Twitter, Facebook, RSS and email.

What’s to Come
The biggest changes I want to make in the New Year involve finding balance in my life.

I am the type of person who tries to be everything for everyone but this year I want to find more ways to make life better for myself – it may sound selfish but it is a long time coming!

Losing weight tops this list for me. Over the past 10 years, after losing a tremendous amount of weight, I have seen almost half of that weight return through my inactivity and focus on other elements of my life. I’ve been swearing, for at least the past 4 years, that I was going to change it and I haven’t done so. So 2011 is the year it will happen! I have two huge events coming up this year (I will be participating in my best friend’s wedding this summer and this year also marks a milestone birthday for me) and I want to look and feel my best for both of these occasions! Changes in my level of activity (by making the time to work out daily) and changing the way that I eat and look at food are ways in which I know this goal can be achieved! These changes will be better for my whole family as well because I know that I will be a more positive person if I make these changes!

Organizing my life is another way that I can make these changes happen! I had done some organizing earlier this year and wrote about them here but I haven’t maintained all of the changes. While I hate being uber-organized, I know in our life it is a necessity and I need to look at it in a positive manner! While I feel I’ve kept the blog really organized (I hope you all agree!), I am going to get back to keep it really organized now that I am starting to feel better again!

By January 1, 2012 I plan to be able to tell you about the amazing results I have made through these resolutions! I will be chronicling my healthy living initiative through restarting my Slim Down Sunday! posts as well – watch for the first installment tomorrow!

Happy New Year everyone! What plans do you have in the New Year and how do you plan on achieving them?

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One Response to We’re Talking About a Resolution (and a look back)!

  1. RobynL says:

    weight loss is also a plan of mine; lost 25 lbs. last summer and have put many back on due to neglect.

    I plan on more organization such as going through belongings and giving away,tossing, etc.

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