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As part of my New Year’s resolutions, I am trying to find new ways to take care of myself and make me feel more positive! One way that I’ve found to make myself smile is wearing perfumes that I love! Over the years, I’ve tried a number of different perfumes and I have learned that I am really picky about the perfumes that I wear! Because of my love of perfume, I was keen to try the perfumes of Auric Blends! With a perfume company that has been in existence since 1993, I was excited to try out their perfumes and see how they made me feel!

When I read more about the home of Auric Blends, I thought it sounded like a beautiful place to make perfume products! According to their site, “Auric Blends is located in the small, historic town of Graton in Northern California. (When we say small, we mean it. Graton has only one main street, and about 1800 people call it home!) We are surrounded by vineyards, redwood trees and the cool coastal air that comes in from neighboring Bodega Bay. It’s a majestic and beautiful place that inspires us to create.” Doesn’t it sound like a relaxing place to call home?

I received a variety of different perfume products to try – it was hard to know what to try first! Since the Egyptian Goddess perfume was designed over 17 years ago and is their best seller, I thought it should be the first perfume that I’d wear! The Egyptian Goddess perfume is described as being a combination of “soft florals, light powder and musk”. When I first smelled this perfume, I loved it immediately! It had a very light and soft scent that wasn’t overpowering and the musk was very subtle, allowing the floral and powder elements to shine through! When I put it on, I also liked how it smelled when I was wearing it. I can see why it is a best-seller!

The next scent that I tried was the Love Perfume, which is Auric Blends’ #2 best selling perfume. Described by the company as “warm and slightly spicy”, they say it is the “perfect winter fragrance”. When I tried the perfume, I was again impressed because the scent was enticing and subtle so I didn’t feel overpowered by it. I enjoyed the scent when I wore it and I received a lot of compliments on it!

While Egyptian Goddess and Love are their best-selling scents, I also tried a couple of fragrances from the Naturals line. According to their site, these fragrances are “100% natural and made with essential oils and other natural materials”, including “rare flowers, sweet fruits, clean citrus and natural refined wood”. I tried the Layla and Pele fragrances from this line. I absolutely adored the Layla fragrance – it has a sweet and slightly fruity scent to it and it brightened my mood when I was wearing it! I must admit, before I tried Pele, that I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. Described as being “Spicy and Earthy”, it was a departure from my usual scents. When I put it on though, I found that I adored it! It wasn’t overpowering but it definitely had a spicy scent to it that made me feel more energized! It has quickly become a favourite for me and I recently found that I like wearing it when I am working out because I found that it does make me feel more enthusiastic! There are two other blends in this series called Siren and Tara which I didn’t try, though they sounded interesting as well!

The last item that I tried was one of the Auric Blends Perfume Solids. I loved the small soapstone container that the perfume arrived in and I really liked the way that the perfume felt when I applied it! The scent that I tried (Dark Opium) didn’t particularly appeal to me because it was a stronger scent than the ones I favour, but I think I would have enjoyed some of the other scents (such as Golden Vanilla or Love).

I’m really impressed with the perfumes I tried from Auric Blends and I’d love to try some of their other scents as well!


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