Hair Flair Boutique

Everyone has their passions. Some people love the latest fashion, or have a deep love for shoes and jewelry. While I enjoy all of these things, I’ve always been drawn to hair accessories! I could go out and buy new ones every day! Since cutting my hair a number of monthes ago, I haven’t been buying as many hair accessories because I wasn’t sure what would look best in my shorter hair. My little gals, on the other hand, still want to get as many new items for their hair as they can (it must be in the genes!). So I was thrilled when I ran across the Hair Flair Boutique because it seemed to have items for females of all ages and all lengths of hair!

The Hair Flair Boutique is unique for a number of reasons. I would have envisioned this company, with their wide variety of products, to be based in New York City or L.A. Instead I learned, according to their website, that they are “[n]estled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains about an hour west of Washington, DC, the Hair Flair Boutique is located in the quiet little town of Round Hill, VA, population 3,091.” Since their inception in 1997, they have been selling a wide variety of hair products across North America. According to their site, they are the “largest online destination for Scunci and Conair products on the web” as well as having “the largest selection of Scunci Girl hair accessories for babies, girls and toddlers”. For hair accessory fans like us, that is music to our ears!

After looking around the site, we finally chose the items we wanted to review. I got some gorgeous Conair Rhinestone Barrettes as well as Scunci Girl Pucker Fabric Headwrap set and Scunci Girl Girls Rainbow Scrunchies.

They arrived really quickly and I must admit that I was impressed with the quality of the products and how well they were packaged. Upon seeing the Scunci Girl Pucker Fabric Headwrap set I actually wished that they were a bit larger because I would have worn them myself! I was really excited about the Conair Rhinestone Barrettes because they looked delicate but are actually quite sturdy – they clip my hair back easily and didn’t pull or rip my hair (which is thick but fine in texture). If that wasn’t enough…they look so pretty in my hair!

The girls really liked their Scunci Girl Girls Rainbow Scrunchies and Scunci Girl Pucker Fabric Headwrap set and were excited to start wearing them! Because I was sick, I didn’t get to wear out the Rhinestone Barrettes as I had planned but I’ve actually been wearing them out and about on my daily errands and I can’t wait until I get my hair cut soon as I know these barrettes are going to be a central piece in my accessories wardrobe!

Final verdict? We loved everything we received from Hair Flair Boutique! The prices were good, the service was great and the products themselves are excellent!


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