Slim Down Sundays – Small Victories!

I must admit, there are a number of things I haven’t done and a few things I’ve done badly. I have, however, also made some positive changes and the results are starting to show!

The gym and I are like two people trying to coordinate a blind date – we’re both busy and we never seem to connect! So I haven’t been to the gym at all this week (boo! hiss! to me) BUT I have been moving more – I have been making a point to get up and walk around a lot at work (I have a desk job where it is really easy to just sit..and sit…and sit) to incorporate more activity into my day.

Next week I am planning to get to the gym. I’ve realized I really hate going because I have no cute gym outfits so I always feel frumpy when I’m there. Maybe I need some prettier clothes to encourage me? We’ll see!

Eating also has not been my strong point. I have had some super-yummy Chinese food this week (twice!) and somehow ended up hooking up with sticky toffee pudding which is just a BAD IDEA no matter how you spin it! That being said, I also made some positive changes. I wasn’t snacking through the work day every day (which is a HUGE accomplishment for me) and I have found that using my YumYum dish when I do want a snack (like cereal) is a great idea because it helps me with my portion control.

Next week’s goal is to up the servings of fruit and vegetables I’m eating and to cut out most of the sweet treats. When I lost weight last time, I would give myself a reward at the end of the week if I worked hard. SO, if I make it to the gym all week, I will have a sticky toffee pudding on Friday night (for those of you who are shaking your heads and thinking I shouldn’t reward myself with food – you are right – but I find if I have a portion-controlled treat waiting for me I am more motivated and then, down the road, I switch the reward from food to other items). I am definitely someone who does well with extrinsic motivations!

So….the final result for this week is as follows….

Starting weight – 180.4
Last week – 181 (up .6 pounds)
This week – 179.4 (DOWN 1.6 pounds)

Not amazing, BUT it is a start! And it tells me that some of my changes are helping and it encourages me to keep going and do more!

Happy Sunday all!

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