Gina Venturini Designs

Over the past few years, I’ve been a huge fan of jewelry – I adore the fact that great pieces of jewelry can take an outfit to the “next level” by elevating the look as a whole!

When Gina contacted me about reviewing some of her jewelry, I had a look at her site: Gina Venturini Designs and was amazed at how beautiful her work is!

As fascinating and beautiful as her pieces is Gina herself. She is a obviously talented and artistic woman with a variety of skills! According to her website, “Gina is an accomplished singer who moved to Los Angeles fifteen years ago from her native Nebraska and became a jewelry designer by chance. While searching for marketable items to sell at her musical performances, other than the same old t- shirts, Gina thought up the idea of making and selling charm bracelets.For inspiration, Gina first studied her own favorite jewelry pieces and got production tips from her jewelry designer mother-in-law. When she wore her original jewelry on stage, people would ask where she bought them.This soon began to happen so frequently that in 2004 Gina decided to officially launch her jewelry line, Gina Venturini Designs.”

I can see why people kept asking about her jewelry – it is really striking and unique! Gina sent me two pieces to review: an Agate/Bali and Crystal bracelet from her bracelet collection as well as a Stretchy Ring from her “Think Pink Rings” collection.

I was immediately drawn to the look of the Agate/Bali and Crystal bracelet! I love the stone and the glasswork pieces that surround it! I also really like the clasp because I think that the heart-shaped closure is beautiful and I like the fact that even if the bracelet gets turned around, it is still attractive! I think my favourite part of this bracelet is the large Agate stone in the middle of the bracelet – I think it is incredibly striking and the fact that it is flat actually makes it functional because the stone doesn’t twist and turn when it is being worn!

I must admit, I wasn’t sure what I’d think of the Stretchy Ring before I received it because I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of a ring that stretched. I could not believe, when it arrived, how much I liked it! In addition to be pretty, I found that Gina Venturini’s Stretchy Rings are amazingly functional! I often find it difficult to wear rings when I am typing because the ring will slide around on my finger and bang against the keyboard. With the Stretchy Ring that isn’t an issue at all! The ring is really comfortable and it doesn’t slide around on my hand. I’m really glad that Gina sent me this ring because I understand now why it is such a popular item!

I loved both the Agate/Bali and Crystal bracelet and the Stretchy Ring from her “Think Pink Rings” collection (which donates a portion of the sale of each ring to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer research, which I think is pretty awesome!).

You can find Gina on Facebook (where you’ll see even more examples of her talent – check out her photos!), on on Twitter, on her “Everything Fabulous” blog and at her website, Gina Venturini Designs.


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  1. Stefani says:

    Very cute stretchy ring!

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