Hello Kitty Flat/Straightening Iron

I am not a “girly-girl” but, as I get older, I am making a conscious effort to work on my appearance as I get older. A few monthes ago, I cut my really long hair that I’d kept long for a number of years. Since then, I have been working on different ways to style my hair. For that reason, I jumped at the chance to try out a Hello Kitty Ceramic Flat/Straightening Iron from SparkleBee

Marino Andriani LLC is the largest licensee of Hello Kitty products in the world and they have taken the adorable Hello Kitty style and designed a number of different products that you can find on Sparklebee! You can get a number of cute Hello Kitty products, including: lamps, clock radios and kitchen accessories (including one of the cutest toasters I have ever seen!).

When the Hello Kitty Ceramic Flat/Straightening Iron, it was greeted with many “ooohs” and “ahhhs” because it is absolutely adorable! As cute as it was, I wanted to find out how well it would work! According to the company, this iron has a 1 inch heating plates, a floating plate feature (which the company says will provide “longer lasting straight hair”) and a tangle-proof cord. I wanted to see if all of these features would result in great-looking hair!

I found that the Hello Kitty Ceramic Flat/Straightening Iron works really well! It allowed me to straighten my hair easily and it held up really well during the day! I also liked the cord becaue it didn’t tangle (which I appreciate because I find many cords quickly become a mess and get twisted!). I was quite impressed with the Flat/Straightening iron overall!

You can follow SparkleBee Facebook and on Twitter to keep up with the newest and best products from Hello Kitty and their company!


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2 Responses to Hello Kitty Flat/Straightening Iron

  1. Louise M. says:

    I am a subscriber via e-mail

  2. Hilda Grant says:

    Although hello kitty designs are great, it’s always better to have something that’s not just beautifully decorated but also works great.

    Just like the new hair straightener I just bought, the new Karmin G3,which is totally awesome. You can buy this here
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    I hope this helps.

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