Guinness World Records 2011 Book

I’ve always been fascinated by Guinness World Records since I was a little girl. I always thought it was so cool that you could do something unique (and sometimes wacky!) and that you could have that achievement recorded for everyont else to read! And, I have to admit, I have always been drawn to the cover of the Guinness World Records books because they are always eye-catching and fun!

When I received the Guinness World Records 2011 Book, it was like being a kid again! I had to go through the book, looking at the photos (I LOVE the glossy pictures!) and checking out all the fascinating records that people have set and I actually found myself engaging in the whimsical “what-ifs” of wondering if I could beat any of the records in the book! I shared the book with my girls as well and we had a lot of fun looking at the pictures while I explained what some of the records were.

This book is truly one that is fun for the whole family! I also think it would be a great book to help engaged a reluctant reader because the photos are wonderful and you can read a little bit at a time.

You can buy the Guinness World Records 2011 Book in Canada on or in the US on


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