Project Happily Ever After Review

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I was pondering how I could bring back the deep-seeded love and affection in my marriage. So when I was offered the chance to read Project: Happily Ever After, I jumped at the chance! Written by Alisa Bowman, the book examines her fading marriage to her husband and how she found ways in which to bring back the love, care and commitment to their marriage that took her from dreaming about her husband’s death to renewing their vows in less than a year!

Alisa is very candid about her reasons for starting her book, and her website, and I appreciate it because I think that she shares some honest truths that many women (including myself) wouldn’t be able to say. As she shares on her website, “I started this site because I once regularly fantasized about my husband dropping dead. I spent so much time thinking and hoping for that car accident or heart attack that I had his entire funeral planned out—down to the food and beer I would serve the mourners.I knew my husband would frustrate me if we tried marital counseling, so I instead started a project, one that involved reading every marital improvement book I could find. During the next year, I changed, and so did he. He did more around the house. He paid more attention to our daughter. He asked me about me, and he actually seemed interested as I answered. I fell back in love, and so did he. I started Project Happily Ever After to help others. It’s my hope that my advice and stories on this site can provide you with a sense of hope that happiness is not only your right, but that it’s also within your grasp.”

I found Project: Happily Ever After an incredibly interesting and inspiring book to read! There were parts of the book that I knew I could never do myself (but they made me laugh my head off!), including when Alisa decided to get a bikini wax called “The Martini Glass”! There were other parts of her project that I could see myself talking to my husband about and trying to do (such as writing one another letters including all the things that you love about each other). I think the most interesting part was that reading Project: Happily Ever After actually opened a dialogue between my husband and myself – I mentioned the book to him and he asked me to give him a synopsis (you should have seen the look on his face when I told him about Alisa planning her husband’s funeral!) and then he asked me what she and her husband actually tried to bring them closer together. I thought the fact that Alisa’s book got my husband and I talking about things we could do to make our marriage stronger was a very cool thing!

I’d recommend Project: Happily Ever After, for anyone who wants to make their relationship stronger. Alisa is an excellent writer with a great conversational tone so the book is very engaging and interesting to read! I also appreciated that she mentions the books that she herself read during this project so that I could find them myself if I was interested in one particular area she discusses. More than anything, I appreciate her candidness and unabashed honesty conveyed in her book and her willingness to discuss what worked in her marriage and what did not work. I think this book is an excellent book for both partners to read and discuss!


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