PINK Espresso Jewelry Review- Hearts of Love

Like many women, I love to have a variety of jewelry options and pieces that look incredibly expensive but won’t kill the pocketbook (my motto: what happens at the jewelry shop, stays at the jewelry shop!). I was drawn to Pink Espresso because it is a company that offers such an incredible range of pieces and styles and, if that wasn’t amazing enough, the pieces are also reasonably priced!

If that wasn’t exciting enough – Pink Espresso is also a Canadian company – something that I absolutely LOVE!

I had chosen to receive a 6.58 carat Cubic Zirconia 18K White Gold GP Solitaire Pendant and a 18K White Gold GP 18 inch chain. Before it arrived, I was already looking forward to receiving it. In the photos, the pendant looked like a diamond solitaire and I was drawn to the detail of the chain because it was unlike anything I’d ever seen!

When the pendant and chain arrived, it exceeded all of my expectations! The Solitaire Pendant is dazzling and I loved the setting because it highlights the stone and sits beautifully! The chain is incredibly intricate and I loved having the constrasting links on the chain because it catches the light and makes the chain sparkle!

I was doubly amazed by the price of these pieces – at $39.99 for the 6.58 carat Cubic Zirconia 18K White Gold GP Solitaire Pendant and $9.99 for the 18K White Gold GP 18 inch chain – it is a great value for the quality of these pieces!

I’ve already been telling my friends all about Pink Espresso because I appreciate the quality of the pieces, the amazing prices and the fact that it is a Canadian company – you can’t ask for a combination better than this!


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  1. Dianne says:

    Feb 25 – I like the Milk Made Mani-CURED on the Move from Pink Espresso cosmetics.

  2. Dianne says:

    I entered this giveaway today at Kidsumers.

  3. handonia says:

    magnificient win

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