Amano Chocolate Review

At first site, Amano Artisan Chocolates look like the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for the chocolate lover!

I received 2 different types of Amano Chocolates to try. I received a 12 Piece Chocolate Collection as well as two different bars of dark chocolate – the Cuyagua and the Chuao. While my husband and I sampled the 12 Piece Collection, I shared the bars of dark chocolate with my father because he loves dark chocolate!

I was surprised by the interesting variety of chocolates in the 12 Piece Collection. The truffle flavours included, among others, a milk chocolate Tangerine flavour, a dark chocolate Key Lime, a white chocolate Raspberry, a Cinnamon Pecan and a Cardamom Black-Pepper. I really liked the white chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon Pecan and, surprisingly, the Cardamom Black-Pepper! The flavours were all rich and decadent and I enjoyed the unique flavour combinations! My husband’s favourites were the milk chocolate Tangerine and the dark chocolate Key Lime. Overall, they were a real hit with us both!

My father tried out the Cuyagua and the Chuao dark chocolate bars. While my father said that he enjoyed both bars, the Chuao was his favourite by far! On the back of the package, it mentions that the Chuao has tasting notes of plums, blueberries, blackberries, molasses, coffee and almonds. According to my father, you can taste those subtle fruity and rich flavours in various bites of the chocolate which gives it a number of different dimensions and makes it taste amazing!

Overall, we enjoyed the Amano Artisan Chocolates that we received. It is obvious that there is a lot of care and passion taken in the development of these chocolates. The presentation of them is beautiful and the flavours are a wonderful match!


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3 Responses to Amano Chocolate Review

  1. Oh my! Those chocolates look pretty!!

  2. Ellie says:

    Those look so pretty and yummy.

  3. Jordan C says:

    I agree – very pretty!

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