A Charlie Brown Valentine Review

Like many 30-somethings, I grew up watching Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang! I remember laughing all the time as I watched Charlie Brown try his luck at love (poor guy!) while Lucy threw herself at Schroeder, Peppermint Patty and Marcie try to get involved in everything that is going on and Snoopy wandered around like the quirky dog that he was!

I couldn’t wait to share A Charlie Brown Valentine DVD with my girls, but I found myself watching the DVD on my own first because I didn’t want to wait (I want to show it to the girls on Valentine’s Day!). By the end of the DVD, I was smiling so much that my jaw actually ached! I’d forgotten how hard Charlie Brown tries to win the heart of the little red-headed girl and how much he is both chastised by his peers (Lucy was THE original mean girl!) but also encouraged by them (I mean…Snoopy actually goes so far as to dress up like Charlie’s crush so Charlie can practice his speech!).

The quaint charm of the characters and their stories has not been lost over time. I really enjoyed A Charlie Brown Valentine DVD and I think my girls will as well! I also appreciate the fact that this is a DVD that the girls can watch together and I will enjoying watching again with them as well!


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2 Responses to A Charlie Brown Valentine Review

  1. rileyannlee@gmail.com says:

    My 2 would love this!

  2. Tabitha says:

    I will have to put this on my “To Watch” list, I don’t believe I have ever seen this one!

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