Gorgeous handstamped jewelry! YumYumBubbleGum Review – Hearts of Love

I hate to admit it, but my husband isn’t the most romantic guy. He doesn’t often buy me gifts for Valentine’s Day (though he does sometimes buy me things “just because” so I figure that’s a good trade-off) so I love the idea of getting myself a Valentine’s Day present!

When I am shopping for jewelry items this spring, YumYum Bubblegum Boutique is definitely one of the shops I will choose to visit!!

I really like YumYum Bubblegum Boutique because I think her handstamped jewelry is beautiful and I love the fact that it can be personalized in any way that my heart desires. I have seen a lot of handstamped items available at different etsy shops, but I could tell from the photos of her work that the pieces available at YumYum Bubblegum Boutique is made with obvious care and well-executed!

I received a CIRCLES OF LOVE STERLING SILVER HANDSTAMPED DISC TAG NECKLACE to review. Because the necklace has up to 3 handstamped discs, and they can be of any names or words, I decided that I would enjoy wear a necklace with one of my favourite thoughts on it. I asked for a 3 disc necklace with the words “live” “laugh” and “love” on each of the three discs. I couldn’t wait to see how it would look!

When it arrived, I was simply blown away by how stunning my necklace truly is! To highlight the contrasting words, each one was stamped on a different type of metal. As a result, my necklace is on a silver chain and has 1 silver disc, 1 gold disc and 1 copper disc. I loved the look of the different metals together and it gives me a lot of variety in my wardrobe as I can now wear this necklace with silver, gold or copper jewelry (I like to coordinate my jewelry). It’s hard to put into words how amazed I was at the piece when it arrived – it exceeded my already-high expectations of it!

I absolutely adore my Circles of Love Sterling Silver Handstamped Disc Tag Necklace – I think the quality is absolutely amazing and the price is really reasonable given the quality of my necklace (I would have happily paid twice as much because it is so stunning!).


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    I have the names Frederick, Joshua, Matthew, and Brittany. Thanks!

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    I’d get peace on it

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    I would have it inscribed with my parent’s names for them.

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