Joon Natural Skin Care for Girls Review

Now that my little girl is seven, she is at an age where she likes to choose items for herself and she is really interested in skin care products. When I asked her if she’d be interested in trying out some new products made for girls her age by a company called Joon, she was excited to try them!

I was really interested to see what the products from Joon would be like as well. When I read through their website, I was impressed with the idea of a line of skincare products that have been designed without harmful chemicals and additives.

What makes Joon unique, as a line of skin care products, is that it is developed specifically for young girls. As they mention on their site, “we know that girls as young as age four are starting to experiment with skin care products. We also know that most products for young girls are simply adult products repackaged, and often filled with unhealthy and potentially toxic ingredients.JOON was created to encourage young girls to develop healthy skin care habits at an early age. Our natural skin care products are made just for girls ages 6 – 12 years old. Not their teenage sisters, not their moms – JUST FOR THEM. We’ve removed the bad stuff – you won’t find parabens, phthalates, artificial color, or sodium lauryl (laureth) sulfates in any of our products – and replaced it with natural alternatives.”

Joon was founded by Tameka and Gary, a husband and wife team from Florida. Tameka developed an interest in the development of skincare products for girls aged 6-12 after the birth of her first child and the interest that she developed in natural and healthy products. As she says on their website, “As a marketer, I started noticing the lack of healthy brands for kids, particularly young girls. The baby-care market seemed to be filled with good options, but once girls reached an age where they were able to choose products for themselves, there was a black hole. So, the idea of JOON came to light. JOON was created to provide a brand where young girls can experiment in a safe way, without added toxic ingredients that could potentially cause long-term health problems. Skin care is just the beginning. My goal is to continue to evolve our company into the first healthy lifestyle brand for young girls.”

We received three different products from the Joon collection – the Sunshine Sparkle Body Cream in Vanilla Floral, the Body Mist in Apricot Mint and the < Body Wash in Vanilla Floral.

We checked out the Sunshine Sparkle Body Cream first and she loved the Vanilla Floral scent! Once I convinced her that she didn’t need to put a tonne of it on, she figured out that a little bit would go a long way and put it all over her arms. I decided to try a bit of it myself and I liked both the feeling of the body cream and the scent. I appreciated the fact that the Vanilla Floral scent has a lovely natural vanilla scent with some light floral overtones so that it has a natural essence to it. The cream was also light so that it didn’t have a greasy feeling when applied. The Body Wash has the same lovely scent and my young lady was very excited about this product because she’s recently started taking showers and she thought the idea that she’d have her OWN body wash was great!

The Apricot Mint scented Body Mist was also a hit! She thought it smelled “pretty” and I thought the scent was appealing and interesting – I envisioned this scent combination as being really strong (because, while I enjoy both apricot and mint, they can be overpowering) but Joon marries them together well and the result is a light fresh and fruity scent.

I’m impressed by the Joon Natural Skin Care for Girls and, more importantly, so is the young lady who gets to wear them!

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2 Responses to Joon Natural Skin Care for Girls Review

  1. simplybeingmommy says:

    Sounds like something I may need to check out for my little diva.

  2. monique says:

    My 7 year old – who am I kidding? my 5 year old too – would be very interested in this. Thanks for sharing!

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