Tetley’s breakthrough – Herbal Colour Therapy (Review)

I remember when I was a little girl and I had my own mood ring. It was really cool – as my ring changed it meant that my mood was changing as well! Tetley has taken the concept of the connection and mood with Tetley Colour Therapy! You can interpret your mood and choose the right herbal tea based on your disposition! To participate, you simply go to tetleycolourtherapy.com and the Mood Meter will help you choose the tea that is right for you!

Tetley Colour Therapy has a tea for every mood with 10 different herbal teas in the colour spectrum! I had the opportunity to try 3 different teas:

  • Pink: Tetley Inspire (Summerberry) – The embodiment of inspiration, Tetley Summerberry Herbal Tea is a delicate blend of rosehip, hibiscus, apples and strawberry that will evoke the joy of summer all year round;
  • Violet: Tetley Wild Berries – V is for Vibrant! A joyful mingling of delicious berries, poppy flowers, hibiscus and rosehips – the perfect blend for an upbeat mood;


  • Purple: Tetley Clarity – Too many things on the go? Refocus and energize with Tetley Clarity Herbal Tea. Its light blueberry taste is blended with gingko and ginseng to help clear your mind.

My favourite of the three teas is the Wild Berries tea – it is simply amazing! I love the deep red shade, the depth of flavour in the tea and (funny as it may sound!) the smell of the teabags themselves. If they ever develop a Wild Berries Tetley perfume, I would be all over it!

I also enjoyed the Summerberry flavour. It is a lighter blend than the Wild Berries tea and it does evoke an image of summer flavours. The Clarity Herbal Tea was interesting to me, though I must admit it is not something I could drink every day. I loved the blueberry element to it but I think my palate is not used the to the gingko and ginseng. I shared this tea with some of my co-workers, however, and they absolutely loved it!

The coolest part of the Tetley Colour Therapy collection is that there truly is a tea for everyone!

According to Tetley, in addition to helping you choose the right tea based on your mood, you can also see the changing mood of all parts of the country with the “Tetley Colour Therapy Mood Map that reflects Canada’s awesome diversity. Housed at tetleycolourtherapy.com, the new Tetley Colour Therapy Mood Map monitors, captures and interprets Canada’s daily disposition through Twitter and Facebook feeds and presents a unique representation of the emotional state of our nation. The mood map is updated every minute to capture the current “mood of the nation”. ”


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1 Response to Tetley’s breakthrough – Herbal Colour Therapy (Review)

  1. I love herbal tea, and I love berries, so I’m sure I would love this!

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