A Big Heart-ed Contest for US readers!

SchiffMegaRed.com is running a great contest that benefit charity as well as highlighting amazing women!

As they state on their website, “we all know a woman who goes above and beyond, but who rarely receives the recognition she deserves. She’s the woman with a big heart that makes a positive difference in the lives of those around her. Maybe it’s your mom, your daughter, your best friend or colleague.

We want to help swell the biggest heart with an even bigger gesture – a $5,000 donation in her name to a local heart health charity of her choice! Just tell us how your nominee is making a difference in your community. If your submission wins, we’ll feature the story in a later issue of Good Housekeeping®.”

Interested in entering? Check out the entry form and rules here. Be quick though – the contest ends on February 28th!


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1 Response to A Big Heart-ed Contest for US readers!

  1. This is perfect for a friend, thanks for the heads up!

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