Oh Charlie….

Being the media and tv junkie that I know I am, it has been really hard but I have spent the past couple of weeks trying my hardest NOT to follow the media coverage about Charlie Sheen.

There have been a couple of reasons I have chosen to avoid the issue – over the years Charlie Sheen has involved himself in what I would call “bad behaviour” and, to be honest, I don’t believe in rewarding bad behaviour so I wanted to avoid the media spotlight that has been shone directly on him because he is basking in it! To be frank, I am also torn about the subject of Charlie Sheen – I have tried hard to separate the actor and his characters because I’ve been a fan of his work for many years even though I would not consider myself a fan of the man himself. I loved Charlie’s performances in his early movies, as well as his work on Spin City (I was impressed by his work on this show, especially as he had really big shoes to fill when Michael J. Fox chose to leave the sitcom)  and, of course, Two and a Half Men. It has made me laugh for years and has always been a show that my husband and I have enjoyed watching together. As a result, I have been conflicted so I have made a conscious effort to avoid what I would call the Charlie Sheen fiasco.

Last night, however, I inadvertently found myself watching an interview with Charlie Sheen on Dateline NBC.

I felt like I was watching a train wreck! It seems like Charlie has become a bunch of confusing and nonsensical soundbites – when you bring them together they make even less sense than the sum of their parts!

I sat…and watched…and watched…and watched. I kept thinking to myself, “Maybe he is going to make sense soon” but he never did.

I found myself wondering what Jon Cryer thinks about this turn of events?

The whole event saddens me on many levels. I hope that whatever is underlying all of these events will rectify itself. The interview clip with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez from England saddened me the most – they are obviously concerned about Charlie and the things that are happening.

How do you feel about the whole Charlie Sheen situation?

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10 Responses to Oh Charlie….

  1. Christa says:

    He is BI-WINNING!! Not bi-polar. I love how he ispretending to not know what bi-polar meant.
    The “man” is living with a nanny girlfriend, and a porn start girlfriend- all in the same house! That is a big tip off on his madness as well. The pig.

    I felt so uncomfortable for him while watching it. It was so much a trainwreck! There’s another article out now that he wants his child support back from his ex, so he can pay for a hit man to kill off the people from his network!

  2. monique says:

    Yeah crazy. I’ve been avoiding it as well, until another blogger started talking about it on momdot.

  3. Julia says:

    As someone who grew up with a bi polar parent he is showing classic signs of being in a manic state. I hope he survives the crash.

  4. People who are sick need help before it’s too late. He has kids who will grow up without a father if this kills him. He is a great actor, and I wish he were acting now, but I think he needs help before the world loses another actor and then asks why didn’t someone do something to get him some help?

  5. Patricia Boyle says:

    Mr. Sheen is an actor and very well paid for this job. He was fired just like any other employee would be for badmouthing the boss. He is a good actor but a confused person on the path to destruction. I don’t agree that these news agencies/tv stations/etc. should be interviewing him. They are feeding into his desire to be a public spectacle. Just ignore him and he may go away and clean up his act.

  6. Tracy says:

    As someone who is bipolar, and has alot of mental illness in the family my guess would be that he is currently Manic. BUT I am not his Dr, not do I know him. What I do know is he is a human being deserving of privacy in the terrible time in his live, when he becomes stable (which he will) he is going to be VERY embarresed of his behavoir and that is is everyhwere and that everyone is talking about it is so sad. I know it is the price they all pay -but it makes me so sad that so many people sit around watching this man (like him or not) fall apart. He needs help – of the medication kind, and a hospitalization on a mental health unit for a long time (my opinon) and a whole lot of privacy.

    • I think you all have raised interesting points from a number of different perspectives. I don’t know the answer – I just know the whole situation saddens me for a variety of reasons. I’m not going to try and say I have the answers because I don’t. I just hope that everything gets sorted out and that Charlie, his family (especially his dad and his children) can find a way through this whole situation. I also feel for the people who work on the television series because this whole situation is out of their control.

  7. I think he desperately needs help.

  8. Katie says:

    it just makes me really sad. He’s in obvious need of psychiatric help and the media is just exploiting him.

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