Tips for Healthy Mornings from Keri Glassman

Keri Glassman, who is a nationally recognized registered dietitian MS, RD, CDN has been working with Thomas Bagels to develop healthy recipes as well as “how to” tips to a healthy lifestyle.

As I am working to make my life healthier as I lose weight, I was interested in Keri’s tips for healthy mornings. I thought you might be interested in them as well!
Keri’s Tips for Healthy Mornings

Don’t skimp on sleep
It’s important to get a good night’s sleep to feel well-rested – ready to take on the day! Most adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep each night, and studies have shown that those who get less have impaired memory and physical performance. Not getting enough sleep can also make concentration difficult, and leave you feeling drowsy all day. So aim to get enough sleep each night. It’ll boost your immune system, help your nervous system work properly, and leave you feeling energized all day! Experts estimate that compared to getting 7 to 8 hours per night, the risk of developing obesity rises 23 percent with just 6 hours of sleep per night, 50 percent with only 5 hours per night, and 73 percent with 4 hours per night!

Have a healthy breakfast
While sleeping each night, your body is in a fasting mode, so within an hour of rising, you need to break that fast by eating a healthy breakfast. It gives your body the fuel it needs to meet your busy schedule and skipping breakfast decreases your metabolism, and increases your cravings throughout the day! Studies have also shown consuming breakfast improves cognition and memory in children and adolescents making them able to concentrate and be more attentive in school. We all have some kid in us, so use this tip to your advantage!

Eat empowered
Every morning when you sit down to breakfast (and every meal!), remember that each meal is an opportunity to get back in the game and stay on course. You should feel empowered by making the right choices. There are always healthier alternatives to the high-fat, high-calorie, nutrient-less options that we all tend to go for, and I always keep a healthy staple product on-hand to help me quickly make a delicious and nutritious meal. Thomas’® Bagel Thins™ bagel is one of those better-for-you options – they’re 110 calories each, low in fat and every flavor is at least a good source of fiber. It’s not “I can’t eat that heavy bagel” – it IS – “I can eat the Thomas’ Bagel Thins™ bagel!

Start with a glass of lemon water
Drinking enough h2o throughout the day helps with weight loss in several ways. First, there’s an emotional component; it will make you feel empowered and will help spur you to make good choices for the rest of the day. Second, researchers have long known that dieters who replace sweetened drinks with water lose weight more quickly that those who don’t. Finally, many people overeat because they are actually thirsty and just can’t tell the difference between thirst and hunger. Also, when you’re adequately hydrated, your metabolism functions at its best.

Exercise steady
Aside from burning calories, exercise is important because it causes your body to release endorphins, making you feel good, and motivating you to eat well, do your job well, and simply be happy! I love exercising in the early am, and eating breakfast when I’m done, and typically, people who work out in the morning are more likely to stick to their routine, than those who squeeze it in later. If you’re averse to starting your day with more rigorous exercises like running, try a lower-impact activity like yoga. Just do something!


Source for “Don’t skimp on sleep” stat: Inadequate Sleep as a Risk Factor for Obesity: Analyses of the NHANES I

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3 Responses to Tips for Healthy Mornings from Keri Glassman

  1. Great tips! Mornings are usually quite rough around here, so I appreciate all the help I can get!

  2. I can’t exercise, I sleep days, up all night, eat poorly, but I do drink lots of lemon water. I guess no wonder I am over weight

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