What is the Theme Song of Your Life?

I’m not a musical person, but I sometimes find songs that call out to me and really have an impact on me.

(Maybe because I’m getting older!) I recently was thinking about the fact that, the same way that television shows have theme songs, I often wonder if people have theme songs for their lives.

If they do, what would my theme song be?

There are tonnes of songs that remind of specific moments in my life – such as I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew (my teenage drama days!) and Boys of Summer by Don Henley (summer romances and a time when life was carefree- this song always makes me smile when I hear it!) and Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx (long-distance love and commitment that I experienced in my life – this song can still bring tears to my eyes). While these songs all mark specific periods in my life, none truly mark a theme for my whole life.

The theme song for my life is Tom Cochrane’s Life is a Highway! My love for this song comes from the upbeat tempo as well as the lyrics — ~Life is a highway/I want to ride it all night long~ — because, to me, it reflects a zest for life that I never want to lose!

(I must admit, when searching for the song on YouTube, I learned that Rascal Flatts sang a remake of Life is a Highwayfor the movie “Cars” – I then realized that I did know that but I had completely forgotten! Which version do you prefer???)

Do you have a theme song for your life? If so, what is it?

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8 Responses to What is the Theme Song of Your Life?

  1. Jodi says:

    Mine is “Rock and Roll Never Forgets” by Bob Seger, although I should update it….the lyrics are “Sweet Sixteen has turned 31″…..that’s a short time ago! It’s true that music brings back a memory…and I have many, many good memories involving music! I must say though that I have a not-so-nice memory involving your theme song….a story to be shared at a later date perhaps!

  2. I hadn’t really thought about a theme song for my life. I think I would have to go with “Just a Closer Walk With Thee.”

  3. Sandra Martin says:

    Ronny Milsap…. Any Day Now

  4. I wish I did! I need to figure one out!

  5. Julia says:

    I feel the same way about songs. I don’t know what the song for my life would be but truly Madly Deeply and I knew I loved you makes me think of my and my hubbies relationship.

  6. I think I would have to go with “Love Shines” by Live…it was our wedding song – we aren’t very traditional type people. 😉

  7. Crystal says:

    aw,you can’t say your not a musical person if you know these songs..and probably more 🙂
    Music is so special! I have so many faves and so many themes haha..love music forever

  8. HilLesha says:

    I don’t exactly have a theme, but I love just about anything by The Beatles! 🙂

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