Renewed Optimism – Weight Loss Week 1

I’ve had more highs and lows this week but, happily the highs do exceed the lows!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was having a lot of trouble controlling what I was eating – I had no self-control at all! I’m happy to say it has been improving, albeit slowly, and I have been making better choices in the second part of the week. I think the key is finding foods I love that have a lot of flavour but don’t have a lot of calories or fat!

I recently found this article that I have bookmarked because I think there are some wonderful I can use to decrease my caloric intake. The website, called 100 Painless Ways to Cut 100 or more Calories made me think about the ways I can cut calories every day without cutting back on flavour!

I’m really proud of the results from joining forces with a friend to go the gym! We are motivating each other as I know there was at least 1 day neither one of us wanted to go but, because we’d committed to meeting at the gym, we both went! I am going to start tracking my workouts at the gym and increase the intensity and variety of the cardio machines that I use! I find it also helps to have my MP3 player and a good book to help pass the time!

My goal next week is to go to the gym on my own on the days my friend and I can’t go together and to eat healthier.

For the entire week, I’d give myself a B- –> I’m definitely on the right track but I need to work harder to get more results!

Here is what the scale told me today!

GOAL WEIGHT – by June 30th – 145 pounds

Starting Weight (March 6th) – 184 pounds
Week 1 result (March 13th) – 182.4 (-1.6 pounds)

I’m glad to see the scale moving in the right direction!

I also wanted to thank you all for you support – I appreciated your comments on my posts this week regarding my weight-loss journey — please keep commenting (suggestions are always appreciated!) as it helps to keep me motivated as well!

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One Response to Renewed Optimism – Weight Loss Week 1

  1. Good luck! I started WW yesterday so I’m on the same journey that you are.

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