A wick above all others! Votivo Candle Review

Candles are one of my guilty pleasures. Though I know I don’t need them, I always find myself buying new ones because I love trying out new scents and I absolutely adore how much the scent of a great candle can alleviate my mood even on the darkest winter days! I recently discovered Votivo. Started in 1994, this candle believes in preparing all of their candle products by hand. According to their site, “Each candle is hand-crafted. Each tissue is hand-wrapped. Each pewter seal is hand-pressed. Each candle is specially made.” and their candles “are famous for their ability to quickly fill a room with wonderful fragrances”. I love the fact that they work hard to personalize each candle and I couldn’t wait to see if their candles were are fragrant as they said they were!

In addition to their wide variety of fragrances, this spring Votiva has 2 new fragrances – Morning Violet and Rush of Roses. With a combination of scents that include Sweet Pear, violets and Powdered Iris, I knew that Morning Violet was the fragrance for me!

I received a large candle, a Reed Diffuser and a Travel Tin all in the Morning Violet scent. When I first opened the box, I could pick up on the notes of violet automatically and I was concerned that the scent would be too “flowery” for my liking. Once I actually stopped and smelled it again, the sweet pear fragrance became obvious and the merging of these elements together resulted in an excellent combination of sweet, fruity, gentle floral and a slight woodsy undertone. I love both burning the candles and having the Reed Diffuser out – I find the diffuser is an excellent way to bring out the fragrance without burning a candle!

And the personal touches mentioned on the Votivo website are obvious – I love the design of the boxes because they are obviously made with care and would make an excellent gift! The quality of the Votivo line are obvious from the moment you open the box and are exceeded only by the fragrance itself!

I love my Votivo candles and Reed Diffuser and I’d highly recommend them to anyone who loves beautiful scents and high quality products!


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