Stirred, Not Shaken – GE Adaptive Vibration Control

The idea of quiet time at home is a blissful one for me! When I read about the GE Adaptive Vibration Control, I thought it sounded really interesting!

With GE Adaptive Vibration Control, the Laundry Room Leaves the Basement Behind

No longer the humble servant of the family attire; today’s boldly styled GE laundry appliances are quietly claiming their place in our main living spaces, while helping our favourite wardrobe pieces to look their best for longer.

Building on the impeccable design that makes the appliances suitable for any floor of the house, GE has now introduced a breakthrough Adaptive Vibration Control (AVC) technology to its frontload clothing care appliance line-up. The innovation eliminates concerns about vibration and noise regardless of where the appliance is installed.  Thanks to a leading edge program built into GE frontload washing machines, the appliances are able to adapt their spin cycles and account for flooring type, to minimize vibration and noise caused by out of balance loads.

The result is a laundry room that’s divinely quiet without sacrificing the industry leading performance GE appliances are trusted to deliver. The latest clothing care line up also incorporates HydroHeater technology, which boosts incoming water temperature to brighten whites while helping to eliminate common bacteria. And with an eye to our ever busier schedules, these appliances also feature a Speed Wash Cycle, which provides a quick wash for lightly soiled items needed in a hurry.


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One Response to Stirred, Not Shaken – GE Adaptive Vibration Control

  1. Ohhh! Like this! Sounds intriguing. My washer vibrates the whole entire house on spin mode, LOL! So this would be a breath of fresh air!

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