Vitamma Vitamins – Vitamin Angels

Normally, when choosing a vitamin supplement for myself or my family members, I tend to look at 2 things – the label and the price. The label tells me how much of different vitamins I will receive in the multi-vitamin I have chosen and I tend to think (rightly or wrongly) that the price is the other deciding factor. There isn’t anything to consider – right?

Recently, I found out that I was wrong when I was introduced to Vitamma Vitamins. Vitamma produces a variety of multivitamins – their range includes multivitamins for men, women, children and a prenatal option as well.

While members of my family have been using Vitamma Vitamins (the Women and the Children’s Multis) and have appreciated their properties (and, in the case, of the Children’s Multis, the taste), the more I learned about the company itself and how choose to buy Vitamma Vitamins can help others, I was impressed!

When you visit the Vitamma website, there is a prominent message of “3 To One”. What this means is that, for everyone one product they sell, Vitamma is able to provide three children with two year’s worth of vitamin A. According to Zack Adams from Vitamma, they are concerned about “fighting vitamin A deficiency among children under five. It’s an issue affecting as many as 190 million children worldwide, causing as many as 500,000 cases of childhood blindness and leaving countless young lives exposed to life threatening diseases (vitamin A is critical to immune system development among children). With each bottle we sell, together with Vitamin Angels, we are able to provide 3 children with 2 years’ worth of vitamin A – a campaign dubbed 3TO1. Its our way of linking the health of our customers with children around the world.”

I appreciate and applaud the fact that Vitamma is using the sale of their product to help children – it is an amazing initiative and has helped to me realize, when choosing products for my family, I should consider more than just quality and price – I’ve become more of a shopper with a social conscience thanks to Vitamma! You can learn more about Vitamma’s 3TO1 program on their website.

While Vitamma is no yet shipping orders to Canada, I’m hoping to see them do so in the future as I think this is a wonderful cause to support while getting vitamins for my family!


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