Sweet Easter Treats! The Swiss Colony Review & Giveaway (US)

In the past year, I have heard a lot about The Swiss Colony. I have read a number of different reviews about a variety of tasty treats that The Swiss Colony provides through their online store. The cakes look especially tasty to me – though I doubt they would last very long at our house!

I also noticed an extensive line of sugar-free products that I think diabetics, like my father, would enjoy!

The Swiss Colony has a large collection of Easter-related products on their website that I think would make great gifts for family and friends alike! When I looked through the Easter Collection, I was immediately drawn to the Jelly Belly Assortment tin. My husband, who is the resident “sweetie” (as he loves all types of candy!) was very excited at the idea of getting over a pound of Jelly Bellys and I knew the variety meant that there would be something that everyone would enjoy!

When the Jelly Belly Assortment arrived, I was impressed at how well it was packaged and how quickly it arrived! Often when I get items in tins, the tins get banged up during shipping. Because it was so well-packaged by The Swiss Colony, my tin arrived intact and as perfect as if I had picked it up off the shelf myself!

I must admit that the Jelly Belly Assortment didn’t last long at our house – my husband devoured most of them quickly while I was lucky enough to get my favourite flavour (I love the Pear flavoured variety because to me they taste as sweet and juicy as the real thing!).

With the fast service, great packaging and quality product, I would definitely recommend The Swiss Colony to anyone looking for a wonderful Easter treat (and other great items all year round).

Interested in ordering some tasty treats for yourself or someone special? Order before April 13th and you will get guaranteed Easter arrival at the lowest shipping cost!

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  1. Veronica Garrett says:

    I would like to try the Chickadee Basket.

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