Twinkling Fun! My Little Pony Review

Now that the girls have reached the ages of 3 (almost) and 7, it can be a challenge to find things that the can play with together! Either a toy is too old (which will frustrate my little one as she like to try and do everything for herself) or it is too young which will spark a commentary by her sister. Nothing makes me happier than when I come across a toy that the girls truly enjoy playing together!

The toys and animals in My Little Pony are one such thing that both girls enjoying playing with (yeah!). When I mentioned that they would get to help me review a new toy from My Little Pony, both girls were really keen to try out this new toy!

We received a Twilight Sparkle’s Twinkling Balloon Playset. It is based on “some of the imagery from the “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” TV series and creating it in toy form, so little girls can act out their own scenes at home.

Get ready to take Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Dragon on an enchanting “ride” through Equestria aboard the My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle’s Twinkling Balloon playset! Girls can glide the Twilight Sparkle pony through the sky in a gorgeous purple hot air balloon that illuminates and changes colors along the journey with the push of a star-shaped button. Twilight Sparkle’s Twinkling Balloon set plays delightful music and features a nighttime mode that plays soothing sounds and illuminates the balloon like a night light. Every pony knows that friends make any adventure better, and the Twinkling Balloon comes with a Twilight Sparkle pony, Spike the Dragon figure and has room in the basket for one additional pony (not included).”

The girls thought this toy was a lot of fun! They enjoyed the colours and the music as well as the design of the toy (which is quite cute). Because it came with both Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Dragon, the girls took turns playing with each character and designing their own stories about what they were doing in the balloon. While they haven’t used it as a nightlight yet, I like the idea that it can be used in this manner as well. I also appreciated the fact that, while this toy requires 3 AAA batteries, they are included with the Balloon Playset (so no scrambling for batteries!).

We give Twilight Sparkle’s Twinkling Balloon Playset two thumbs up!

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle’s Twinkling Balloon Playset is made by Hasbro and is available this spring at most major toy retailers nationwide and on


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