Amazing jewelry like no other! StickMan Jewelry Review

I’m always on the hunt for unique pieces of jewelry that are beautiful but also stand out in a crowd! Recently, I was looking for a necklace for my littlest girl – she’s at the age where she has become more interested in jewelry (whenever I have it on, she asks me a lot of questions about mine!) and she also has a keen interest in animals – especially “puppies”!

When I saw the jewelry at StickMan Jewelry on Etsy, I knew it was the perfect site to find a necklace for my littlest girl! They declare on their shop site, “Welcome to our whimsical world. Cute (yes!), but not too cute. We LOVE animals.” And I found that this simple statement is a very true reflection of the design aesthetic that you find in the StickMan Jewelry designs!

I wanted to choose a piece that my little girl would love! Because of her love of all things puppy, I was drawn to a number of different pieces that I thought she would like. Some options included the Dachshund necklace (so cute!), the Chihuahua necklace and the Poodle necklace. It was starting to become a tough choice because, I must admit, once I laid eyes on the Dragon necklace, I wanted it for myself! In the end, however, I chose the piece I thought she would like the most – the Sitting Puppy necklace.

Sitting Puppy necklace

While I think she would have liked any of these designs (how could she not?), I know I made the right choice! When the necklace arrived, I was amazed at how beautiful and well-crafted it is. With a charm being only 1/2″ tall, I wasn’t sure how detailed it would be. I was impressed, quite honestly, at how detailed the puppy was and that it was even more attractive in person than it appears on the website (which says a lot!). I chose a 14 inch chain to go with it and I like the fact that you can also choose a 16 18 inch or 20 inch chain if you prefer something longer.

The pieces are beautiful. the craftsmanship is obvious and I LOVE the fact that StickMan Jewelry is also a Canadian company! I think they hit the nail on the head when they describe their collection in the following way: “Our playful designs appeal to the young and young at heart and are guaranteed to bring a smile to all who see them.” I’ll definitely be shopping at StickMan Jewelry in the future!

You can check out StickMan Jewelry at their Etsy Shop as well as on their website (which is called StickMan Creations).


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