Hershey Celebrates Easter Review and Giveaway (US)

I have always been envious of “crafty” people who can make beautiful designs look effortless and are creative in any area. I don’t have a crafty bone in my body, though I’ve secretly wished that I had those talents! Thanks to Celebrate with Hersheys, I’ve realized that I can be creative with their amazing ideas!

Looking for a unique handle on this year’s Easter basket? Hershey may have outdone the Easter Bunny himself with these suggestions. Hershey’s treats aren’t just for tasting. Deck out any door with the ultimate wreath created with Hershey’s Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs. For the big Easter meal, try decorating the table with Hershey’s Pinwheel Party Favors or an edible flower bouquet equipped with multiple treats available for sharing. I can’t wait to try some of these ideas for my girls!

Hershey is also partnering with Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment to celebrate the release of Hop, a comedy about the Easter Bunny, starring Russell Brand and James Marsden. Hershey candy for this holiday season include treats inspired by the characters of Hop, including Hershey’s Solid Milk Chocolate HOP The Movie Magic Bunny and Cadbury Egg Scepter of Destiny: Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg filled with Cadbury Mini Eggs Candy. These treats are available exclusively at Walmart.

We received Cadbury Crème Eggs, Twizzlers Twizted Strawberry Blast Pull ‘N Peel Candy and Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs Bunny Bag (which are new for this holiday season!) to try. All of these items were a hit with different members of the family! My husband devoured the Cadbury Crème Eggs faster than I can even describe – I’d barely gotten them out of the package before he was eating them and announcing how much he loves Easter and Cadbury Crème Eggs! We all shared the Twizzlers Twizted Strawberry Blast Pull ‘N Peel Candy and the Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs Bunny Bag and everyone enjoyed them – I liked the fact that the Twizzlers Twizted Strawberry Blast Pull ‘N Peel Candy provided me with a low-fat option and that each candy was individually wrapped so they stayed fresh over a number of days. I’ve always loved Whoppers and we all thought the Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs were great because they had a crunchy shell with a layer of chocolate and a Whopper centre – it can’t get tastier than that!


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