VH Steamers bring meals to a whole new level – Review and Giveaway (Canada)

Asian-inspired cuisine has always been a favourite of mine! From the time that I was a little girl, whenever I had the chance to choose where we would eat out for dinner, I would always choose our favourite local Chinese restaurant (I was probably the only kid in the neighbourhood who’d ask to have her birthday parties at a Chinese restaurant every year!). When I began cooking for myself in university, I found VH products and I learned that, even on a student budget, I cook use VH Sauces to make the Asian meals that I loved!

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After getting married, I learned my husband had the same passion for Asian flavours so we often found ourselves creating great meals at home! With our busy lives, however, it can sometimes be a challenge to make the meals we love in the time we have available.

Enter VH Steamers! I was pretty excited about trying this line of frozen meals because I’ve been a fan
of VH for such a long time and if they were as good as they sounded, we’d be able to enjoy the meals we loved in a fraction of the time it takes to prepare them!

The technology behind VH Steamers is pretty cool – the sauce rests in a bowl and the meat, vegetables and pasta sits above the sauce bowl. As the meal is cooking in the microwave, the sauce it heated and, in turn, the steam it produces cooks the items in the steamer. When the cooking is done, you simply peel the top and pour the items from the steamer into the bowl with the sauce.

VH Steamers

We were able to try a variety of VH Steamers and I was anxious to see how the the steam technology would work and what the result would be in terms of flavour. We tried the Honey Sesame Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken and Shanghai Ginger Beef first. I have to admit – they blew me away! I love Kung Pao Chicken and I was really impressed by the flavour in the sauce and the way in which both the meat and rice cooked perfectly and the vegetables retained a bit of crispness. And the sauce? Absolutely amazing! What surprised me the most was that even though I generally hate broccoli, I actually ate it because the texture and flavour was better than in anything I’d had before! We also agreed that we enjoyed the Shanghai Ginger Beef – it had great flavour and the textures were wonderful. And our favourite? We both loved the Honey Sesame Chicken – we liked the choice of vegetables in this meal, we both loved the noodles and the sweetness of the Honey Sesame sauce was flavourful and provided a balance to the whole meal!

We plan on trying the Chicken Teryaki and the Zesty Orange Chicken next and I can’t wait! These meals are now a staple in our freezer – the quality of the ingredients are first-rate and I know that when we need a quick meal or have a craving for Asian flavours that VH Steamers make the option readily available!

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