Save 2nd Base – Facing Cancer with Humour! Review and Giveaway (US)

Like many families, my family has been touched by cancer in a variety of ways. I have 2 aunts who are in remission from breast cancer, 1 uncle currently undergoing radiation therapy for skin cancer and both an aunt and a father-in-law who passed away from the disease. Both my aunt and my father-in-law were what we Canadians would politely refer to as “colourful characters”. They both had a capability to make me laugh all of the time and, even in the midst of their battles with cancer, both maintained their positive attitudes and senses of humour right until the end of their lives! My aunt gave nicknames to all of her caregivers and actually asked me if she thought she could get troublemaker (though she used a more colourful term!) written on her tombstone!

It was this type of positive attitude, sense of humour and inspiration that attracted me to Save 2nd Base! The inspiration for Save 2nd Base is Kelly Rooney. Kelly is described on their website as “a loving wife and mother of five young children. Rooney was Save 2nd Base’s co-founders, Erin Dugery and Kelly Day’s sister and friend, respectively.Kelly battled breast cancer for three years, and underwent countless surgeries, rounds of chemo, and radiation. Despite her challenges and obstacles, she knew cancer couldn’t take away laughter.Kel was funny. She had a quick wit, loud laugh, and endearing wink. She taught those around her to “lighten up.” Kelly was mischievous…she was no saint and never set out to be. She was utterly human, with a big, giant heart.” While Kelly lost her battle against cancer on July 11, 2006 at the age of 43, she continues to serve as an inspiration for this line of clothing. There is no other words in which to say how I felt when I read about this company – I LOVED IT! I thought it was awesome that these people in Kelly’s life took her humour and positive energy and used it to create this line of clothing!

I received a Kelly Fitted T-shirt with the signature baseballs in a gorgeous shade of pink! I was immediately impressed by the quality of the fabric and its softness – I could have sat and hugged this shirt all night because it was so soft! Because of my full figure, I found that the fitted style didn’t suit me, so I shared it with my 18-year-old. I must admit she was a little taken aback by the placement of the baseballs on the shirt but we talked about her great-aunt and why I thought this company and their clothing was amazing and she said she’d be honoured to wear it in honour of her great-aunt! Like me, she liked the colour of the shirt and the soft fabric. She also liked the length of the shirt and its capped sleeves. She said she loved the pink ribbon design on the back of the shirt as well.

I love the philosophy and inspiration behind Save 2nd Base. I only wish I’d had one of these shirts to give my aunt before she passed away because I know she would love it and worn it with pride!


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