NIP+FAB Review and Giveaway (Canada)

I must admit that when I hear that a product line has been really popular in the UK, I am really keen to try it for myself! I know that consumers in the UK are very particular about the beauty products that they use and are very frank about their opinions about products. The NIP+FAB line of beauty products (introduced by Maria Hatzistefanis, who was the creator of the highly-regarded line of beauty products, creator) was originally launched in the UK in the fall of 2010 and was met with a tremendous response. Lucky for those of us in Canada, the NIP+FAB line was introduced in Canada in March 2010 at Shoppers Drug Mart stores nationwide.

According to the company, “Called NIP + FAB, the clinically tested range for the face and body delivers 11 targeted treatments from eye brightening and skin plumping to cellulite and nipple smoothing, and is crammed with breakthrough natural and technologically advanced skin smoothing, boosting and firming ingredients. Dermatologically tested, each hardworking, no nonsense product “does exactly what it says on the front” and
will deliver exceptional ‘targeted results and instant fixes.’ Housed in fresh, stylish packaging and with brilliant product names like Tummy Fix, Lip + Nip Fix, Bust Fix and Eye Fix, this is a ‘must-have’ range.”

I love the idea of high quality beauty products at reasonable prices, so I was interested in trying it out to see if worked as well as sounded!

I received a tube of NIP+LIP FIX to try. Described as a “healing multi-purpose balm”, NIP+LIP FIX is said to be an ideal product for “sore cracked lips, nipples and dry skin”. This winter has been really hard on my skin so I have found that my lips are constantly dry and chapped and I have a spot on my hip where the skin regularly becomes dry. When I opened the box, I must admit I was amazed at how small the tube of NIP+LIP FIX was – I’d expected it to be larger and I didn’t think it would only be good for a few applications. Despite its small size, I discovered that I was wrong! Because the balm is so thick (I mean REALLY thick – you have to give it a good squeeze for it to come out of the tube), a little goes a long way!

I applied to my lips first and I discovered a couple of very cool things about it. The first thing I discovered is that I could immediately feel the results of using NIP+LIP on my lips – my lips felt softer right away. The second thing I found out, over the course of the day, was that you only need a little bit of this balm because it lasts a long time! I lick my lips constantly and, as a result, I generally have to constantly reapply lip products. NIP+LIP FIX, however, stayed on all day!

After seeing how well it worked on my lips, I decided to try NIP+LIP FIX on the dry spot on my hip. I couldn’t believe the results! After only one application, I found that spot to be noticably softer and less dry and flaky. It took only a few days for the area to disappear completely. I couldn’t have been more pleased!

The only thing I found about NIP+LIP FIX that I didn’t love was its sticky consistency. I found that I had to wash my hands twice to get the residue from NIP+LIP off my fingers and I made sure I applied it to my hip at night as I worried that it might stick to my clothing. Overall, however, it is a small price to pay for such an amazing product!

You can purchase NIP+LIP (and the other NIP+FAB products) at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

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