If you need me, I’ll be sleeping (I wish!)

Generally, I’m so busy between work, home and blogging that I don’t often take the time to take care of myself or give myself a little “rest”.

This morning I got up and started getting ready for the day when it suddenly struck me, “If I was a millionaire, I could be sleeping right now!”

I think I figured that if I was a millionaire, I would have to get up for work, deal with everyone around the house and I could just be a “woman of leisure” who could sit around eating bonbons with servants to answer my every beck and call!

Instead, I’m sitting here really tired, half-dressed and I still haven’t even had a coffee yet as I turned everything on but haven’t had the energy to go out and finish it to drink it.

And I need to leave for work in 15 minutes – whoops!

Despite my complaints, I am glad I’m not a millionaire as I think I’d get bored quickly because I do like to do things for myself…though, if I can be honest, I’d still rather be sleeping!

Happy Friday all!

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2 Responses to If you need me, I’ll be sleeping (I wish!)

  1. blueviolet says:

    That would be the life for me too. I’d do nothing but laze around!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I think we ALL wish we were sleeping sometimes!! I’m just spreading some comment love, you were online on momdot and I wanted to leave some comment love!!

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