Guess Whose Turning 50 (no – it’s not me!)

My family, unfortunately, has numerous health problems. My mom has severe allergies, my dad has diabetes and I have other relatives who also suffer from a variety of health concerns. For that reason, I have always appreciated MedicAlert because, to me, there is a certain peace of mind in knowing that if my mom or dad were in a serious accident that the people assisting them would know that they had medical conditions that needed to be considered.

I recently found out some fascinating facts about MedicAlert and its history in Canada.

MedicAlert® 50th Anniversary Fascinating Facts
1,100,000: The number of Canadians who are currently protected by MedicAlert. There are close to 5,000,000 members worldwide.

$0: MedicAlert is a registered charity. Its founders established it as a not-forprofit organization with the mandate to save lives.

5: The maximum number of seconds it takes for paramedics to access your health information with a call to the unique MedicAlert 24-hour Emergency Hotline.

105: The number of MedicAlert ID products available, ranging from crystals, pearls, silver and gold, to watches and sporty wristbands.

46,646: Number of students across Canada who have benefitted from the No Child Without® Program (5,664 participating schools).

1953: The year MedicAlert was created by a California doctor when his 14-yearold daughter almost died of an allergic reaction to a tetanus shot.

1961: The year Dr. Maureen Roberts, paediatrician from Halifax, introduced MedicAlert to Canada.

100: Percentage of paramedics trained to look for body worn identification.

1 in 3: Number of Canadians who could immediately benefit from becoming MedicAlert members. These are people who suffer from one or more chronic medical conditions.

3 million: Number of Canadians living with diabetes who could benefit from MedicAlert protection(According to the Canadian Diabetes Association)

70,000: Estimated number of heart attacks in Canada every year.(According to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation) In the event of a heart attack, MedicAlert can tell emergency service workers about the condition that led to the heart attack, and any other conditions, saving precious time.

12: Percentage of children in Canada who suffer from asthma who could benefit from MedicAlert protection.

600,000: Estimated number of Canadians who may be affected by life-threatening allergies. According to Health Canada, the numbers are increasing rapidly, especially among children.5 MedicAlert can provide peace of mind to anyone living with severe allergies.

9: Number of internationally trained medical graduates working on staff at the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation to set up and prioritize the ID engraving, and help edit and audit member medical history.

100,000: Number of member profiles audited per year by MedicAlert medical specialists to ensure medical information is complete and correctly prioritized for emergency use.

Help MedicAlert Celebrate its 50th Anniversary – Sign the Guest Book! Visit to share a story, read stories from other Canadians and sign the MedicAlert 50th Anniversary guest book.


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1 Response to Guess Whose Turning 50 (no – it’s not me!)

  1. Connie says:

    My hubby is a fire fighter and he really appreciates when people wear these. Especially children. Thanks so much for reminding everyone of their value!

    Oh, and I am turning 50 this year….yikes! Good to know at least I’m in good company 🙂


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