Baby Looney Tunes Shower Set Giveaway (Canada and US)

One of my friends recently had a baby last week and I’m very excited that I’ll be meeting him for the first time soon!

Like me, my friends has a great sense of humour and enjoys functional products that are also cute! For that reason, I can’t wait to share some of the adorable Baby Looney Tunes products that are now available!

In addition to the development of Baby Looney Tunes products, Warner Bros.’ Baby Looney Tunes is also committed to promoting education on health, wellness and nutrition for babies and families in a fun and engaging environment. Baby Looney Tunes is please to announce their partnership with leading physician Dr. Aliza Lifshitz who is their resident in-house expert on questions that expectant and new moms may have. Baby Looney Tunes’ active and healthy infant characters are a perfect complement to Dr. Aliza’s passion for promoting wellness and nutrition for babies.


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