Ester-C To Go

As this winter feels like it has gone on forever (fingers crossed that it finally seems to have ended!), over the past couple of monthes, I have tried different types of Ester C products. Originally I tried their Ester-C with Immune Boost tablets. While I appreciated all of the benefits, I’m not a huge fan of taking tablets.

I was pretty excited when I recently received Ester-C To Go. Ester-C To Go are packets that you can mix with water and take daily to get your dose of Vitamin C. As I am a fan of orange drinks, I couldn’t wait to try it! I like that each dose is in its own individual packet so I could either take it at home or take it with me to work without having to worry about how to transport it.

When I mixed the Ester-C To Go packet with water and tried it out, I discovered that I really liked it. The powder dissolved easily and there wasn’t any gritty taste that I’ve found with other powdered mixes I’ve tried in the past. I also like the flavour – it has an orange tang to that I really enjoyed! I learned that Ester-C uses a special process to make their vitamin C so that it is non-acidic which makes it gentler on the digestive tract. Their patented ingredient also allows for quicker absorption.

I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to try these different versions of Ester-C and I have loved using Ester-C To Go to get some Vitamin C in my diet because I enjoy the taste!

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