Comfort, Flexibility and Style – FUNK-tional Footwear

According to FUNK-tional Foowear, “Just how far will women go for their shoes? According to new research of 4,000 women, the average woman can stand in her high heels for just 34 minutes before grimacing in pain. The study also revealed that once these fashionable masochists have stepped out of a taxi or car, they survive just over half an hour before their feet start to hurt.

Even more, for the 20 percent of these women who admit that the prospect of aching feet isn’t enough to keep them from wearing their heels, and for the 40 percent saying that they bring a spare pair of choose to change into, there is finally a portable and fashionable SOLE-ution.”

Designed by two young and dynamic women, Susie Levitt and Katie Shea, who refused to forgo comfort for style, the FUNK-tional Footwear products offer portable, rollable back up shoes for just such situations.

CitySlips are indoor/outdoor foldable travel ballet flats and the perfect work-bag or suitcase companion.  Fashionable, functional and affordable at $24.95, the best part is that they come with their own 5×7 pouch that transforms into a full size toe bag store those “killer” high heels home.

Because I commute to work and often find myself running back and forth, the concept of CitySlips really appealed to me. I was able to put on my CitySlips (which I found fit quite well) and wear them on my drive to work, then change into my heels. At the end of the day, I was able to put my heels into the tote bag and then return to the comfort of CitySlips for the drive home. What I quickly learned, as well, that my CitySlips were great shoes to wear around the workplace on casual Fridays. They are attractive and, as such, fit right into the dress-casual theme at work!

FUNK-tional Footwear also offers an option that will make the transition from office day to beach day one step easier and many more steps comfortable. Known as CityFlips ($20), these portable flipflops come in a variety of colorful and vibrant prints such as leopard, zebra, pink and navy blue stripe as well as basic black. They also have their own pouch that will transform into a full sized tote bag.

I am looking forward to adding these to my commute wardrobe! I received a pair of black CityFlips. While the weather has been too cold and wet to wear them to work yet, I have been wearing them around the house. I find them really comfortable and I can’t wait until I can leave work and wear them in my travels!

You can follow CitySlips on Facebook and Twitter.

The brands from FUNK-tional Footwear are now available at more than 2000 retail locations across the US, including Dillard’s, Neiman Marcus, Mandee, Torrid, Ricky’s NYC, Bliss Spas, Bed Bath & Beyond, and specialty stores. They are also available at select Canadian locations.


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  1. Brandy says:

    Comfy! Thanks for sharing.

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