Cesar Bistro Giveaway for your favourite dog! (Canada)

Growing up, my parents thought were never able to have a dog because of my mom’s allergies. About 7 years ago, however, my parent’s doctor recommended they look into getting a dog as it would encourage them to go out walking. They discovered they could get a dog that didn’t shed and the newest member of our family arrived!

My parent’s love their dog – she is a shih tzu and, I swear, she gets spoiled more than I ever did growing up! They always want to give her the best of everything so they were keen when I asked if they’d like to help me review Cesar Bistro gourmet dog food (and when I say keen, I mean KEEN! My dad was telling me how he had just fed her some Cesar food before I arrived and how much she loves it!).

Cesar Bistro spokesdog

Maggie – the spokesdog for Cesar Bistro

Next week, I’ll be sharing my favourite little dog’s response to her Cesar Bistro meals. Right now, I have a great giveaway for all my readers who want to win a great prize to share with the small dog in their life!


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