Stover the pig teaches children to be healthy and active!

As I’m striving towards a healthier lifestyle, I also appreciate the idea of encouraging my girls to be healthier and more active as well! I couldn’t wait to share Stover with them.

Written by Kathy Brodsky (and illustrated by Cameron Bennett), Stover is the story of an pig who likes to play in the mud but also finds ways to make his life healthier! He makes healthy choices and also goes the gym, where he participates in a variety of different activities. He likes to takes spinning classes, do yoga, walk on the treadmill, swim and interact with others who are also pursuing an active lifestyle. He even has a personal trainer named Steve! At the end of the book, Stover is happy to find that he can “pinch less” and encourages readers to pursue physical endeavours as well!

I really enjoyed the book and the girls did as well! They thought the illustrations were adorable (they called him a “cute piggie!”) and I did as well! They also thought the story (with its rhyming format) was fun to read. I appreciated the fact that Stover was doing many different things and showing that you can try a number of different physical activities! I also liked the final pages of the book that included discussion questions surrounding fitness and food choices that can be used to facilitate great conversations about lifestyle choices.

Stover is a wonderful book to open children up to the idea of exercising to have fun and making healthy food choices. You can purchase a copy of Stover on Kathy Brodsky’s website (and check out her other books as well!).

*I received no monetary compensation for this post. I received a sample of this product to review and evaluate. This post is based on my opinions and was not influenced in any way.*

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1 Response to Stover the pig teaches children to be healthy and active!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    March 20-What a wonderful little book and I had never heard about it before. This is a wonderful to get the little ones interested in exercise and healthy.-el03ro

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