What a lucky girl! (Wordless Wednesday)

I’m still loving the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent!

This young man is incredibly talented – his original song and gorgeous voice touched my heart!

I hope the mystery woman he wrote this song for appreciates it!

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5 Responses to What a lucky girl! (Wordless Wednesday)

  1. Kathryn says:

    I love watching these auditions!

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    April 4-Wow!! I listened to this young man’s song and I was blown away! If this doesn;’t bring his friend around, she is not worth him! I liked his modesty as well. Thank you for sharing with us.-el03ro

  3. S Reddom says:

    as it as once said: ” Love is a many splendoured thing”………………

  4. Shirley says:

    The judges are too pushy!

  5. Kathleen Blom says:

    I hadn’t seen this yet. I enjoyed watching it.

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